Washoe Creek and Trees

Washoe Creek


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Washoe Creek  –  Oil on canvas.  Sonoma, California.  The original inspiration for this painting came from a visit many years ago to Julian, a small town outside of San Diego, California.  I took a great deal of photos  while visiting, late in the day, on an afternoon in the early fall.  Years later I came across a scene so similar I had to retrieve the original photo.  I combined the scene from Julian, with a small creek outside of Sonoma, and came up with this painting.  Interesting that they were both scenes from the exact same time of  the year though separated by over 500 miles.  The colors were all about and around the stream cutting through the scene.  I used many shades of blue and gray to develop the stream and then placed those colors throughout the painting.

Please email me if you are interested in this original oil on canvas.