DJ Kiggins Murals


Left – Children’s Playroom 8′ x 10′
Right – Surf Shop Wave 5′ x 8′

A mural is a hand crafted piece of artwork painted directly onto a wall, ceiling or other large, permanent surface.  A distinguishing characteristic of a successful mural incorporates the painting harmoniously with the architectural elements of the given space.

DJ Kiggins has painted numerous murals, in many of these spaces, for both residential and commercial clients. Her varied customers have requested murals for many reasons usually due to a desire to make a large space more colorful or interesting.  Some of the murals shown here represent a sample of her latest commissions.


Upper Left – Restaurant – 15’x20′
Lower Left – Child’s Room – 4’x4′
Right – Bathtub Surround – 5’x5″‘