About DJ Kiggins

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American Impressionist artist DJ Kiggins was born on the 4th of July, 1954, in Los Angeles, California.  Adopted into a loving family as an infant she grew up in Newport Beach, California.  Her adopted family excelled in the sciences so when her artistic talent surfaced it was recognized and cultivated.  She remembers her grandfather being her initial advocate encouraging her to keep painting no matter what.  This she did through her schooling at Cornelia Connelly High School and obtaining two degrees, one in Art and the other in Psychology, from California State University, San Diego.

DJ counts among her many blessings her husband of over thirty years Larry and her two children, Christopher and Kerry Lynn.  Through the many ups and downs of DJ’s life her family stayed at the center of her attention however, she was able to consistently keep painting along with teaching art to children, adults and educators.

During her twenties both of DJ Kiggin’s parents had passed away.  This devastation led to an unexpected discovery; she was able to meet both of her birth parents.  This opened an entirely novel world to her filled with new experiences and lots of additional family.  She was delighted to learn of the many equally and artistically talented family members she had including a writer, a musician and a photographer!

DJ’s biggest influences artistically include two living, well known, talented and highly respected artists.  The first, Michael Jacques, honed her skills in the acrylic medium.  It was through his encouragement that she was juried into the 1995 Laguna Art Festival, in Laguna Beach, California.  Following this she was fortunate to be instructed in the art of oil painting by her favorite American Impressionist, John Terelak.  It was through his knowledge, expertise and encouragement that she perfected her impressionistic techniques.

DJ Kiggins also recently wrote a book,  A Cookie To Go .  It is a small compilation of stories revolving around all the hilarious antics of her past and present pets and the animals of some of her family and friends.

DJ Kiggins’ paintings are included in several galleries, and both private and public collections throughout the United States.  Currently she lives with her family and pets in the beautiful High Sierra of Northern California.